Home Mod Metrics

Adapting the environment through home modifications is one of the four key areas to address in a fall mitigation program.

-Center for Disease Control and Prevention

Home Mod Metrics partners with community-based organizations to implement research-based home modification interventions to decrease risk of falls, caregiver costs and facility placement for community residing older adults and people with disabilities.

Need a research-based home modification program?

We will work with you to implement a research-based home modification/fall prevention program in your area.

Fall Prevention Program

Our researched-based home modification program has a ‘lightning in a bottle’ approach, designed to be easy to set-up and implement by social agencies and community-based organizations to serve their at-risk populations.


We’re committed to working with researchers to develop the field of home modifications as it applies fall prevention, home safety, reducing health care costs and home modification occupational therapy. Home Mod Metrics is where the rubber hits the road between research and application.

Home Modification Occupational Therapists

The Home Mod Metrics program partners with occupational therapists specializing in home modifications through the Home Modification Occupational Therapy Alliance (HMOTA) to develop local Home Mod Metrics programs.

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